Emily Deuell

Class of 2023

Hometown: Poquoson, VA
Undergraduate University: University of Iowa
Major/Minor: Marketing
Current Employer: Deloitte
Position: Data Analyst

What prompted you to return to school and earn an MSBA?

Upon completing my undergraduate degree in marketing from the Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa, I found myself contemplating the next step in my educational journey. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my studies, I felt a desire for a more structured career path than marketing alone could offer. Analytics captured my attention after taking a Business Analytics course during my undergraduate years. The notion of making decisions rooted in numerical insights resonated deeply with me, given the compelling nature of data-driven arguments.

Why did you choose the William & Mary MSBA?

The decision to choose William & Mary's MSBA program was significantly influenced by its unwavering focus on post-graduate employment. During the interview process, the program's emphasis on a dual-pronged approach stood out. While pursuing the MSBA degree was the primary objective, the program's commitment to aiding students in securing employment before graduation was pivotal.

Why did you choose an MSBA program?

My decision to opt for an MSBA program was primarily driven by its emphasis on data science and the school's hands-on learning approach. This alignment with my career aspirations, combined with the practical and immersive learning environment, made the MSBA path a natural choice.

What are some highlights from the MSBA experience?

One of the most cherished aspects of the MSBA journey has been the connections forged with fellow students. Transitioning from a larger university, I was pleasantly surprised by the personalized attention from professors and the camaraderie within the close-knit group. Lifelong friendships have blossomed, and I'm fortunate to embark on my next chapter alongside many of these remarkable individuals in the DMV area.

What value will the MSBA degree have on your professional growth? What do you wish to pursue?

The MSBA degree serves as a transformative shift in my professional trajectory. It has reshaped my career path by allowing me to enter a rapidly evolving field. The blend of marketing and analytics is an exciting avenue to explore, and I'm eager to pursue this course in the coming years.

What are your interests and personal pursuits outside of your studies? Or how do you spend your free time?

I love to spend my time outdoors, reading, or with friends. This year I got to compete in intramurals and complete my first marathon. Virginia is the perfect place if you love the outdoors. Of course, I'm biased growing up here, but the opportunities to go outside in the area are vast. You've got beaches, trails, and parks all near campus, and they serve as the perfect way to recharge.

Anything else you would like to share or impart with fellow students and prospects?

As I reflect on my experience, the advice I received from program alumni during orientation stands out: the year will pass swiftly. This wisdom, while apparent, holds profound truth. My counsel to fellow students is to fully embrace this pivotal year. Attend all events, relish impromptu gatherings with friends, and explore nearby adventures. Your time as a student is limited, and amidst the academic rigor, you'll find remarkable opportunities to forge connections and create lasting memories.



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