Daniel Pellerito

Class of 2022

Hometown: Syosset, NY
Major/Minor/Concentration: BBA, Accounting, Concentration in Finance
Graduate: William & Mary, Master of Accounting, 2023

How has the academic content contributed positively to your experience at William & Mary?

In a lot of different instances, you can't necessarily change the fundamentals of what you're learning. But what the Mason School professors do so well is teach the material in an engaging way. We are taught so differently compared to other universities and business schools. Our advantage is that the professors often come straight out of the industry and have current knowledge of what employers are looking for and what we should know in addition to the foundations of business.

What have been some highlights for you at William & Mary?

A huge accomplishment for me was when Dr. Julie Agnew asked me to do some research with her on defined contribution plans. Outside of academics, I am on the men's tennis team, and I came from behind to clinch a 3.5-hour match against the University of Alabama—Birmingham. We cracked into the rankings as a team, and that was a huge highlight for me.

What or who has had the greatest impact on you?

At W&M, my teammates and coaches, but I also must mention my finance and accounting professors: Dr. Agnew, Professor Bill Skimmyhorn, and Professor Marc Moyers. They have had a profound effect on my current career goals, and they have gone out of their way to connect me with William & Mary alumni as well as people outside of the Tribe who may be able to help me in my career. We have spent a lot of time during office hours and outside of office hours forming strong connections, talking about the course material, and talking about life as well.

What advice would you give prospective or current students who are looking to pursue a similar path to yours?

I recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone and connecting with other students and faculty who have a stake in your college career. It is a mistake to think that the professors' only job is to go over the academic material during class. They are our greatest resource inside and outside of the classroom, and it is important to gain those connections and perspectives.



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