Chase Stanga

Class of 2022

Hometown: Sterling, VA
Major/Minor/Concentration: BBA, Business Analytics
Graduate: William & Mary, Master of Science in Business Analytics, 2023

Why did you choose William & Mary for undergrad?

It's always been in the back of my mind because of a familial connection. My mother's father went to William & Mary in the late 1960s before he was drafted. He never returned to complete his degree, and he died young, but I grew up hearing stories about him. After high school, I joined the Army, and mid-way through my commitment, I decided the Army wasn't for me. I started thinking about going to school. William & Mary is well-respected, the campus is beautiful, there's so much history associated with the school—I thought it could be an achievable goal.

Why pursue business as a part of your education?

I really enjoyed the leadership component of serving in the Army, so it seemed like a natural transition. I specifically liked the analytical component—trends, data, decision-making driven by data—I just didn't have any technical skills in business that I could transfer over.

What have been some highlights for you at William & Mary?

Getting to know and fostering relationships with the professors has been a highlight. The veteran's network is extensive and, more importantly, valued at William & Mary.

What or who has had the greatest impact on you?

The professors have had a huge impact on my time at William & Mary. In the classroom, they were engaging and presented the academic material in really interesting ways. But they also took an interest in me, personally and professionally. They were interested in my advancement and my plans after school, which I appreciated. They inspired me when things got tough, and they were always available if I had questions. I think my experience would have been a lot different if it weren't for them.

Secondly, the Veteran's Office was very engaged with me, and that had a great impact on me. There was a liaison to support me with all the financial and administrative aspects of enrolling in school. That office always extended a helping hand, and the other veterans were always open to listening. Charlie Foster, who runs that office, was a fierce advocate for veterans' well-being on campus, and that was a difference-maker. I felt welcomed and valued, and I appreciated that it was a university priority to ensure that the veterans had a good experience in school.



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