Adriane Tomovic

Class of 2020

Hometown: Norfolk, VA
Undergraduate University: William & Mary
Class Year: 2019
Major/Minor: Accounting
Employer: Marc Jacobs
Position: Financial Analyst

Why did you choose to stay at William & Mary for the MAcc program?

One of the reasons I chose to stay in Williamsburg for the MAcc program is because I knew I was going to be working in New York City, so Williamsburg felt like a haven before the Big Apple. Another reason why I decided to attend William & Mary for the MAcc is because I was afforded the opportunity to continue my research from my undergraduate experience as a graduate student. However, the largest reason of my staying for the MAcc was due to the faculty. The accounting professors I had during my undergraduate and, ultimately, my graduate experience are personable, relatable, and supportive, as they always emphasized the importance of professionalism.

How did your Mason School graduate experience differ from your time as an undergraduate?

It was completely different in a wonderful way. Your cohort changes entirely. You have students coming from different schools across the country and the world. I thought it was amazing to have a new set of minds, faces, and perspectives to add to my network. I loved that all of the students—whether they also went to William & Mary as an undergrad or were from other schools—were relatable, professional, and academically oriented.

In what ways did the faculty impact your MAcc experience?

The faculty had a significant impact on my education and my personal life. I can name over five professors who I can email to this day and ask for professional advice. They are always available and willing to provide that support to students. I believe they are genuinely one of the main drivers behind what the Mason School stands for, which is inclusivity and encouraging student involvement.

Did the MAcc program prepare you to sit for the CPA?

The MAcc curriculum is all-encompassing. I felt prepared and was not nervous to sit for the CPA exam. Even though the program doesn't teach specifically to the CPA, when I began studying for each section, I noticed that I was incredibly well-versed in the material that appeared on the sample tests and, ultimately, actual exams.

What career support did you receive from the Mason School and the MAcc program?

William & Mary has amazing connections in the industry; I was able to get my initial job with Deloitte by attending open houses and networking events sponsored by the school. I interned with Deloitte between my undergrad and graduate years and navigated the recruitment process to secure full-time employment in New York.

How are you applying your MAcc degree to what you're doing now, professionally?

After spending some time working for Deloitte, I pivoted to a different industry. I've always been interested in fashion and wanted to couple this interest with my professional goals in finance, so when the opening at Marc Jacobs came up, I was very excited to apply. I am using a lot of the skills that I developed in undergrad, in the MAcc program, and at my time at Deloitte, such as critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving. At Marc Jacobs, I am in daily discussions regarding company finances, including financial statements, operating systems, costs, and other accounting concepts. Being in candid, open dialogue about the business excites me.

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