Office of the Dean and Administration


Lawrence B. Pulley, T.C. and Elizabeth Clarke Professor of Business Administration
Phone: 757-221-2891
E-mail: [[m|larry.pulley]]

Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Kurt Carlson
Phone: 757-221-2871
Email: [[kurt.carlson]]

Associate Dean for Advancement

Laura Doherty
Phone: 757-221-2874
E-mail: [[m|laura.doherty]]

Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Jackie Ferree
Phone: 757-221-2917

E-mail: [[m|jackie.ferree]]

Associate Dean for MBA and Executive Programs

Ken White
Phone: 757-221-1193
E-mail: [[m|ken.white]]

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and One Year Masters' Programs

Jennifer Dahnke
Phone: 757-221-2719
Email: [[m|jennifer.dahnke]]

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeffrey Blake Rich
Phone: 757-221-3197
E-mail: [[m|]]

Chief Financial Officer

Susan Rucker
Phone: 757-221-2885
E-mail: [[m|susan.rucker]]