Office of the Dean and Administration

Office of the Dean and Administration

Lawrence B. Pulley, T.C. and Elizabeth Clarke Professor of Business Administration
Phone: 757-221-2891
E-mail: [[m|larry.pulley]]

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Kimberly J. Smith, PhD, Chancellor Professor of Business
Phone: 757-221-2867
Email: [[m|kim.smith]]

Associate Dean Career Services and Executive Director, Graduate Career Management Center

Brett Alpert
Phone: 757-221-2295
E-mail: [[m|brett.alpert]]

Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Mindy Schuster
Phone: 757-221-7552

E-mail: [[m|mindy.schuster]]

Associate Dean & Executive Director, Online Center & Programs

Pam Suzadail
Phone: 757-221-2696
E-mail: [[m|pam.suzadail]]

Associate Dean for MBA and Executive Programs

Ken White
Phone: 757-221-1193
E-mail: [[m|ken.white]]

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and One Year Masters' Programs

Jennifer Dahnke
Phone: 757-221-2719
Email: [[m|jennifer.dahnke]]