Jansen Fraser

Class of 2022

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Undergraduate University: University of Richmond
MBA Specialization: Finance
Current Employer: IBM
Position: Senior Financial Analyst

Why William & Mary?

I chose William & Mary for three reasons. W&M is one of the most prestigious schools in the country as a public Ivy, so I knew the quality of education was going to be outstanding. The second reason is that the alumni network is extremely vast, diverse, and eager to help students. Every alum I spoke with prior to attending and during my time at W&M had nothing but positive things to say about the school and program. They were eager to share how the W&M network played a major role in their own career paths. Finally, having grown up in Richmond, VA, I had always wanted to attend William & Mary, and the opportunity to do so for graduate school while being close to home again was a big draw.

How would you describe the William & Mary MBA experience?

My MBA experience at W&M was phenomenal, and the program was even better than I anticipated. Our cohort came to campus during the peak of COVID when we were on a hybrid schedule. Despite the challenges of the situation, W&M made it a priority to find creative ways to host networking events for our class, which allowed me to build that solid network that drew me to the program in the first place. In addition, I had the opportunity to join clubs and intramural sports teams, as well as interact in person with my classmates and professors to enhance my learning in the classroom.

What were some highlights for you during the program?

My highlights range from winning the IM championships in both softball and basketball to securing my summer internship and receiving a full-time job offer post-graduation. The program helped me enhance my leadership and public speaking skills, as well as build lifelong relationships with faculty members, professors, Executive Partners, and fellow students.

What career support did you receive from the MBA program and Graduate Career Management Center (GCMC)?

The MBA program and GCMC introduced me to all types of positions and career opportunities through job fairs and informational sessions with some of the country's largest organizations. The GCMC provided great feedback on my resume and helped with the overall preparation process for the various roles I was applying to. The Executive Partners I spoke with also provided interview guidance and great career advice that helped prepare me for life after W&M.

What are some highlights of your current position?

In my current position as a Senior Financial Analyst, I lead the FP&A efforts for IBM's Strategic Partners. The role exposes me to multiple stakeholders and projects, and I work with senior leadership on a daily basis. Every day is different, and I can see the impact of my efforts while trying to improve reporting and business processes and help provide insights to the leaders of the business.



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