Ikenna Okeke

Class of 2022

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Undergraduate University: Technology Jobs Update
MBA Specialization: Marketing, Business Analytics
Current Employer: Microsoft
Position: Product Marketing Manager

How would you describe the William & Mary MBA experience?

In one word, I would describe my MBA experience at William & Mary as transformational. Looking back at my experience pre-MBA and post-MBA, I have scored a tremendous amount of growth and transformation than I can articulate with words.

How has William & Mary helped you grow your network?

Throughout the program, the idea of networking and building a network was a recurring theme which made it a key action area for me. The program exposed me to people through our classes and other program events whom I connected with on a personal level. These people have gone on to become mentors, and I am entirely grateful for them.

What career support did you receive from the MBA program and Graduate Career Management Center (GCMC)?

Career growth is a critical part of the program, and the GCMC supported me all through. Beginning with the Summer Start-Up that took place at the beginning of my MBA program, that focuses on resume building, career path prospecting and matching, LinkedIn workshops, and more. Also, while I prepared for interviews, I had sufficient support from my career advisor at the GCMC till I landed and negotiated my offer. Through it all, I felt I was in the driver's seat with the GCMC as my wingman supporting me and providing all the resources I needed to land my ideal job.

What was your internship experience like?

My internship experience was EXCEPTIONAL. I was privileged to intern at the most amazing company: MICROSOFT. I loved every moment of my summer internship, and I wouldn't pass on that experience for anything.

What advice can you give prospective or new MBA students to be successful in the program, on finding internships, and landing a full-time position?

Be very intentional about what you want, network extensively, have a learner's mindset, stay curious, stay hungry, and trust the process. You will get from the program what you put in, so put in your best, and you shall reap the reward in gold. Go Tribe!!!



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