Andrew Morgan

Class of 2022

Hometown: Boston, MA
Undergraduate University: High Point University
MBA Specialization: Finance
Current Employer: JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Position: Senior Associate

Why William & Mary?

I decided to attend William & Mary because of my family's connection to the school. My parents met at William & Mary almost 30 years ago and got married at Wren Chapel. My brother also attended the school for part of his undergraduate degree. In addition, it was clear to me that the school cared about the personality of candidates rather than solely relying on resume achievements. The admissions team was dedicated to making sure the cohort would gel as a group and that we all were applying for the right reasons.

How did the faculty contribute to your experience in the program?

The faculty took time out of their day to make sure you understood every topic and that all questions were answered. On multiple occasions, professors would answer my emails late at night so I understood the material before moving on to the next topic the following day. It showed me that they cared about my learning. Also, I appreciated being tested by faculty. They made us think outside of the box and would test our knowledge of each subject.

How has William & Mary helped you to grow your network?

The William & Mary alumni network may be one of the strongest networks out there. It does not matter what company or role one may have. I have had people working in consulting, investment banking, marketing, and legal reach out to offer a helping hand, including analysts to partners. We want others to be as successful as we are. I believe this attitude is engrained in W&M, and it builds a welcoming community.

What was your internship experience like?

I had a unique internship experience with JPMorgan Chase & Co. since 8 out of the ten weeks were remote. It was tough to connect with colleagues on a personal level when the only interaction you had with them was via Zoom. It also seemed difficult to be included on meetings since I was the only person on the team no one had met. However, the last two weeks were in person and really solidified my decision to accept a full-time offer. People went out of their way to get to know me and make sure this was what I wanted in the limited time we had. They gave me tours of each NYC office and showed me around the city so I could appreciate all that was offered.

What advice can you give prospective or new MBA students to be successful in the program, on finding internships, and landing a full-time position?

The biggest advice I can give to anyone looking for employment is to take your time. We are all on different journeys. Sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate our own journey. I made a career change (due to COVID) that I could have never expected, but I would never change how this occurred. Instead of worrying about certain classmates getting jobs early on, you need to realize that things will work out on their own time. You still need to be persistent with applying and networking, but sometimes the best opportunities will occur unexpectedly.



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