Giovanni Donatelli

Class of 2015

Hometown: Pescara, Italy
Undergraduate University: Virginia Tech
Major/Minor: Finance
Current Employer: The Language Group, LLC
Position: Managing Partner

How would you describe the faculty and instruction you received during the program?

The professors, all of them, use a level balance of diplomacy. They're wonderful human beings. They were all equally impactful in teaching. They, alone, made the program worth every minute of investment in time and money. The content taught in Organizational Behavior is crucial for the success of an organization. I keep going back to some of the lessons the professor taught. The things I learned in Business Law and Ethics were so effective that I use it in decision-making daily here at my office. We all have different moral compasses which we're calibrated by and this is critical. It may sound trivial, but the way the instructor framed and delivered the lesson was powerful.

What were some key takeaways you continue to use professionally?

The William & Mary Executive MBA program is quite possibly one of the best decisions of my life. It is one of the best experiences of my life. Aside from all of the work, it has given me the knowledge to better run my company and has opened a valuable network of professionals that I would never be able to connect with if it weren't for this program.

What value has earning your MBA through the Executive MBA program brought to your work at The Language Group?

The Executive MBA program is packaged so well that now I'm able to jump from department to department, discipline to discipline, and solve a myriad of problems. It taught me how to solve problems with colleagues who are peers and may not have the same viewpoint as me and how to make sure my goals are met while also meeting the goals of colleagues around me who have a different motivation—William & Mary gave me the tools to do this.



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