Andrey Dean

Class of 2017

Hometown: Hampton, VA
Undergraduate University: Christopher Newport University
Class Year: 1999
Major/Minor: Computer Science
Employer: Google
Position: Technical Program Manager

Why did you pursue an MBA?

I entered into a unique practice at Ernst & Young that specialized in rescuing businesses that were challenged in their complex IT Transformations. We were consulting at Fortune 500 companies that had challenged multimillion-dollar projects that were unable to meet expected benefits. We provided services to greater control program performance and accelerate benefits achievement. I was the leader of the technology and program management side of the house. As I was meeting with senior leaders and executives at these different companies, they framed their challenges in a business context, not from an IT or technology perspective. I realized that I needed to gain an executive understanding to be successful and provide timely and impactful contributions.

Why was the W&M EMBA program the right fit for you?

William & Mary's Executive MBA program delivers an immersive learning experience that will allow students to gain a strategic perspective into the inner workings of Global Business and provide the essential academic foundation needed to become impactful leaders. I applied to several of the MBA programs at the Mason School, and the admission team found the right program for me at the right time in my career. William & Mary saw something in me; they know how to get it out of me and gave me the confidence and determination to do it.

What were some highlights for you during your EMBA experience?

The EMBA program is designed to make you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I was challenged in ways that required me to evolve and expand my thinking to allow me to grow in unexpected ways. We are not only instructed by the business school department heads. We had full access to professors that are active in their fields of expertise. It was valuable to gain cutting-edge insights into what's happening in the industry from professors who are going out and working in today's world of business. Our cohort was divided into teams to enrich the learning experience further. My team was always there for me and provided me with the support I needed to navigate the program successfully. The whole program is built for your success.

How did you apply what you were learning in the classroom to your work in real time?

One of the contributing factors in selecting the William & Mary Executive MBA program was that I needed to be able to provide executives with impactful insights into their organization. I was able to practically apply what I learned over the weekend to my job on Monday. To me, that was worth its weight in gold. As I progressed through the program, I provided deeper insights by applying what I learned in marketing, accounting, and organizational structures to develop mitigation actions that executives championed. William & Mary gave me the tools I needed to stand out amongst my peers and put me on leadership's radar.

What impact has the MBA had on your career?

William & Mary's Executive MBA program saw my potential where other programs did not. They were willing to invest in me. They provided the environment, team, and mentorship I needed to fulfill my potential. I made the most of the opportunity afforded to me at William & Mary, and I was the President of my cohort. I started the program working for a top-tier consulting firm. Now I am at Google in a leadership capacity as a Technical Program Manager because of my education at William & Mary and their exceptional professional network.



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