Andrew Lloyd-Williams

Andrew Lloyd-Williams

Area(s) of Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Information Technology
Key Industries: Real Estate, Technology


MotivAid, Inc., President
Established a new business exploiting voice recognition and other technologies to provide disabled and elderly persons with the freedom to manage their own lives.

iMany, Inc., Development Manager
Managed development of Contract Management software, followed by the successful launch of an IPO.

HomeScope, Inc., President
Launched a new business venture to provide Real Estate information on a weekly CD-ROM subscription, along with a new SONY handheld multimedia player. Personally developed the software for the player and the process for weekly production and distribution of CD-ROMs.

The BOC Group, International Marketing Manager and Technology Assessment Manager
Engaged in the assessment of new technology and licensing, acquisition of new technology and licensing, acquisition or establishment of joint ventures for a wide range of technologies including lasers, high vacuum systems, superconducting materials and magnets, deep low-temperature systems, gas separation and more. Negotiated the acquisition of a major Japanese competitor and establishment of a new gas separation businesses.

  • Executive MBA, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • MA, Mathematics, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England
  • BA, Mathematics, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England