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Why Data Feast?

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business has been working with our partners at Eldridge to host our fourth annual Data Feast Case Competition, which sits at the intersection of analytics and business.

After benchmarking analytics case competitions across the country, we found that they tend to be either deeply technically focused or solely concentrated on business outcomes. In contrast, our dual presentation or "double pitch" model makes this competition truly stand out as teams are judged not only on their actual findings and technical summaries of real-world experiences but on their presentation skills and business acumen. This competition aligns with our MSBA brand of educating students on how to communicate complex concepts and ideas, all the while translating their technical skills to solve real business problems.

Judges and Winners

Technical Judges
  • Bailey Mitchell - Cap Tech | LinkedIn
  • Jackie Juergens - Altria | LinkedIn
  • Alyssa Oles - Penguin Random House | LinkedIn
  • Giorgi Lomaia - Capital One | LinkedIn
Business Acumen Judges
  • Alexander Blaha - Eldridge | LinkedIn
  • Osman Nal - William & Mary | LinkedIn
  • Rusty Hopkins - Estes
  • Jerry Lewandowski - Berkeley Research Group | LinkedIn
2022 Winners

Business Acumen
Technical Acumen
2021 Winners

Business Acumen
Technical Acumen
2020 Winners

Technical Acumen
Business Acumen