Video and Introduction

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business's Center for Military Transition (CMT) is building a ground-breaking program that is not only veteran-friendly and inclusive but truly empoweringThe CMT is rapidly positioning itself to be the national leader in helping veterans transition into and succeed in high-level civilian management positions.

Building on our location, our reputation, and our historic, extensive, and meaningful connections with military leaders, leading corporations, and executive partners, the CMT is developing programs to mitigate the challenges faced by transitioning service members. We seek to bridge the gaps of confidence, information, and creativity that transitioning service members often experience and to assist our graduate business student veterans as they create opportunities that connect their unique (and extensive) experience with a world-class education and extraordinary professional development opportunities.

By the Numbers

  • 158,000
    Annual # of Transitioning Service Members
  • 15,000
    Annual # of Transitioning Service Members in Hampton Roads area
  • 450
    # of US military installations in the continental US
  • 29
    # of US military installations within 90 minutes of Miller Hall

Virtuous Network

The CMT develops and empowers graduate business student veterans, reservists, national guardsmen, and active-duty military personnel to reach their full potential as they transition to and ultimately succeed in executive-level civilian employment. The center seeks to connect experience, education, and opportunity by:

Supporting the individual graduate Mason School military / veteran student / alumni;
Shaping the graduate Mason School military / veteran / ally community; and
Influencing the military transition environment broadly.

We are developing a VIRTUOUS NETWORK focused on EMPOWERING our graduate business Student Veterans & Alumni that integrates:

  • W&M Resources

    Including Alumni & Faculty.

  • Mason School Centers & Connections

    Centers of excellence, stackable certificate programs, and our Executive Partner program.

  • Community Partners

    Ranging from Chambers of Commerce to local businesses.

  • Federal & State

    Benefits, Resources, and Agencies.

  • Corporate Partners

    The key element connecting experience, education, and opportunity.

  • Veteran Service Organizations

    At the national and local levels.

Approach and Opportunity