Reshad Amini

Class of 2022

Hometown: Newport News, VA
Undergraduate University: University of Maryland College Park
Class Year: 1999
Major/Minor: Neurobiology
Employer: TPMG (Tidewater Physicians Medical Group)
Position: Nephrologist

Why did you decide to pursue your MBA?

I've been a clinical nephrologist for about ten years in this area, and I'm the medical director for two dialysis units. I've also been involved at the administration level of our company serving on committees and on boards in our company which is a multispecialty group. Through these opportunities, I saw there is a huge gap between how the physicians practice medicine and how the medical administrators think Healthcare should work. I realized that, as physicians, we lacked the business acumen to run an organization as large as ours, so I wanted to pursue an MBA to help solve some of the misconceptions and misalignments in how we work effectively for our patients.

Why was William & Mary's PTMBA the right program for you?

I didn't want to quit my job, and the PTMBA program fit in with my lifestyle. The classes are held in the evenings when I don't have any clinical duties at work. I live close to the campus, so it's convenient. The program is highly-ranked, especially when you look at the faculty. I knew some of the professors through my community connections before I started the program, and respect them highly.

What have you gained from the program?

If I hadn't pursued a career in medicine, I would have been an economist. I've always had a passion for economy and business, and I've learned a lot about both through reading books and business news publications. All of the reading I did about business, communications, self-help, management, and leadership did not prepare me for all of the skills and knowledge I've gained through this program. It has helped me be a more effective communicator, and my personal productivity has increased as I've applied some of the skills I learned to my day-to-day clinical and administrative work.

How do you balance school with your professional and personal responsibilities?

I'm married and have four kids, two of whom we've had during my time in the MBA program. The best thing about the PTMBA is its flexibility. It does interfere with family time in the evenings, but it is one of the sacrifices I knew I would have to make to complete the program. I planned to take courses that were more challenging with courses I had some prior knowledge or background in. I also do most of the coursework on the weekends, so any free time I have during the week is dedicated to my family.

What aspects of the program support your professional goals?

The current healthcare system is broken, and I want to help put the pieces of the puzzle together and find a solution. I took what I learned in the program and started a research project; I'm writing a book on healthcare economics. I wrote the thesis of the book while I was in the program and shared it with some of my professors. It was helpful to have access to their expertise in the field and get feedback.



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