Lauren Soles

Class of 2016

Hometown: Gloucester, VA
Undergraduate University: Randolph-Mason College
Major/Minor: Accounting
Current Employer: BDO
Position: Business Development Director

What appealed to you about William & Mary's Part-Time MBA program?

I didn't want the experience of earning my MBA to be easy or to check a box. I also didn't want to be a full-time student or to stop working. I wanted something to challenge me, and I really wanted to learn. After attending an information session for the Part-Time MBA program at William & Mary, I knew immediately it was what I wanted to do.

How was your experience in the Part-Time MBA program?

I commuted from Richmond to the Hampton Roads satellite campus, and I was at a point in my life where I could commit to the time that was required. What I appreciated the most about the program was that it was known that the students are working professionals. There was so much practical information I learned from the classes and from my classmates who came from every background possible. I learned things that I took straight to my professional life on a daily basis.

How did the Part-Time MBA program change your career path?

The program taught me a lot, especially when I took non-technical classes like organizational behavior and management. It led me down a path that made me realize that while I loved public accounting, I needed to think more about it and figure out the aspects of it that I truly liked and if that could be translated into another role. After doing a bunch of research, I realized that based on what I was passionate about, I wanted to take on a business development role. I love learning about different companies, what they are doing, and how they are going to get there. I found a business development role with BDO, and it's been really fun and rewarding.



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