KT Prosise

Class of 2014

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Undergraduate University: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Major/Minor: Architectural Engineering
Current Employer: RMT Construction & Development Group
Position: Business Development & Marketing Consultant

What appealed to you about William & Mary's Executive MBA program?

I looked at a lot of executive programs, but I felt William & Mary to be the best. When I looked at the types of people I came across throughout my life who had gone to William & Mary—undergraduate and graduate students—the other programs just didn't compare to the types of people I interacted with there.

How did William & Mary's Executive MBA shape your view on the types of organizations you wanted to work for?

There's a culture at William & Mary around helping you to understand what your own professional vision is and what skills and perspectives you can contribute to an organization. At one point, I found myself working for a company that did not share my vision; they just weren't for me. So, after speaking with my classmates and some of the Executive Partners, I made the decision to leave that organization.

How have you leveraged the Tribe network to progress in your career?

When I made the decision to leave an organization whose vision I did not share, the first thing I did was connect with my network on LinkedIn. I had a lot of connections from William & Mary, but what surprised me were the people outside of my immediate network who saw I was a member of the Tribe and reached out to me to see if they could help me find my next opportunity because they were affiliated with the university too. It really surprised me that they reached out, and I'm very appreciative.

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