Emily Kearney

Class of 2023

Hometown: Simsbury, CT
Undergraduate University: University of Notre Dame
Internship Employer: ScottMadden
Internship Position: Summer Associate

Why William & Mary?

My older sister did her undergraduate degree at William & Mary, and I remember thinking how beautiful the campus and surrounding Williamsburg area were whenever we came to visit. When I was looking at MBA programs, William & Mary was always on the list. However, it wasn't until I spoke with the admissions team and current students that I realized how much the program had to offer. What it came down to was the diversity within each cohort, the breadth of real-world experience among the professors and Executive Partners, and the spirit of being competitive with, rather than against, other students in the program.

How have the faculty contributed to your experience in the program?

I have found the faculty at William & Mary to be tremendously helpful throughout the program. Many bring years of business experience that they share and incorporate into their courses. The faculty are also very willing to meet outside of class to discuss particularly challenging aspects of the course and ensure students are grasping the material. In most courses, faculty also utilize simulations and business cases to provide students with the opportunity to apply course concepts.

What have been some highlights for you during the program?

There have been a few standout moments in the program so far, the first being a recent trip our Business Analytics and Supply Chain CAM took to the Norfolk International Terminal. We met with an operations manager for the port who walked us through the flow of material imports and exports as well as the automation used to optimize port operations. Another standout and my favorite addition to the program this year has been our "MBAA Mug Nights," where students from both cohorts meet at Green Leafe on Thursdays to take a break from school and spend time with one another.

What was your internship recruitment/interview process like?

Over the course of the Fall semester, I interviewed with about five firms for roles primarily in consulting or operations. I first connected with the company I ultimately interned with, ScottMadden, at the National Black Career Fair. I spoke with recruiters in person several times at the fair and sat for a first-round interview while there. Following the career fair, I connected with an alumna to learn about her experience at the firm and learn how best to prepare for the final round interview.

What were some of the highlights of your internship?

Highlights of my internship include presenting to the CAO of our client on a deliverable I was given ownership of. Additionally, all interns at the firm had the opportunity to report to the CEO of ScottMadden on the project work we accomplished over the course of the 10-week internship. The most memorable part of the experience, however, was the time spent getting to know the consultants, managers, directors, and partners at the firm. The summer interns were invited to the annual firm meeting, an outing for the entire firm to come together for corporate development sessions, and time to network and catch up with staff from other offices. It was clear from my time at the firm that there is a strong company culture and sense of community among the roughly 200 employees.



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