Study Abroad

View the world through a new lens

Rob Franklin on the Great WallA global education is all about perspective. When you are able to view your familiar world through another's lens, you will have gained the insight and understanding that is the essence of a global education.

The Mason School of Business is fully committed to the promotion of international education. We will work with every student to incorporate an international experience in your Individual Program of Study (IPS). We even offer a specialized concentration that integrates your study abroad experience with formal coursework in business and cultural studies called an International Emphasis.

Nubia Dickerson by Taj MajalA study abroad experience gives you a valuable perspective, and is a vital contribution to your business education. By studying at a foreign institution, you take a moment to look at the world from a unique point of view. The way businesses interact in England or Australia or China is distinct from the way businesses interact in the United States and understanding those differences is invaluable.

Each year, the undergraduate business faculty determines whether they can offer its own unique global study abroad program over the summer for non-business majors/minors. 

The Mason School of Business encourages all students to study abroad and not necessarily just in Business.  The flexibility of your IPS allows you to study abroad in any discipline and still be on track to graduate on time with a business degree. For a list of programs available visit the Reves Center website.