Foundation Semester Teams and Team Launch

One of the first significant days in the life of a Raymond A. Mason School of Business student, is the team launch and the revelation of team assignments. During the Integrated Foundation Semester, students are strategically placed in teams of four or five. Together, these students will complete numerous projects and presentations in almost every area of business: Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, Computer Skills, and Business Perspectives & Applications, throughout the first semester of the business major's program. While teams may have their ups and downs throughout the semester, many students find this immersive experience to be their favorite in the business program.

At the Team Launch, each team is given a student mentor to guide them through the team-building process.  The mentor is a student who has already completed the Integrated Foundation Semester and their role is to lead the group through a team building exercises, focusing on positive team experiences.

Welcome Back Celebration

At the beginning of the fall semester, the Undergraduate Business Program hosts a welcome back celebration with light food and outdoor games.  This event marks the beginning of another great year at William & Mary and the Raymond A. Mason School of Business, and it helps students reconnect with faculty, staff and peers in a casual environment.

Simulation Week

Towards the end of the Foundation Semester, classes are canceled for four days and students participate in the infamous Simulation Week. In their teams, students create and run a business through an online simulation. Making decisions such as to what products to sell and where to open stores to how frequently to run advertisements and employee health benefits, students get an introduction to operating a business.

After several days and a simulated five quarters competing in the industry, the team must create an annual report for their company. They also must give a formal presentation of their results to two William & Mary Executive Partners, distinguished business professionals who share their expertise with the College. At the end of the week, teams are ranked according to their results and prizes are given out to the winners. While Simulation Week can be time consuming and lead to late nights, often students find the experience enjoyable and very rewarding.


Just before fall break, the entire Undergraduate Business Program celebrates the fall semester and the Mason School Community with MasonFest. Students, faculty and staff enjoy a buffet lunch and outdoor games in the Miller Hall Courtyard. MasonFest is a time of celebration and an opportunity to get to know classmates and professors outside of the classroom, helping to further build community in the business school.

Holiday Study Break

During the winter exam period, the Business School provides some much needed stress relief by hosting a Holiday Study Break. Students can watch classic holiday films, eat snacks, drink hot chocolate and even decorate a ginger bread house! This fun holiday tradition provides students with a much needed study break and an opportunity to visit with friends.

Senior Appreciation Dinner

One of the highly anticipated end of the year events is the Faculty-serve-the-Seniors Appreciation Dinner. Business faculty members put on their favorite aprons and serve dinner to both the majors and minors in the Business School. While the event does take place in the Business School, it adds a new dimension to the student-professor relationship and is a fun evening for everyone involved!

End of Year Ice Cream Celebration

During the last week of classes in the spring semester, everyone is ready to celebrate the end of another great year. Students, faculty and staff enjoy ice cream scooped by the Undergraduate Program Staff and corn hole in the Miller Hall Courtyard.