Management & Organizational Leadership Minor

All currently admitted William & Mary students interested in a business minor must apply for admission to the Undergraduate Business Program. Students minoring in management & organizational leadership must complete 18 credits in the discipline.

required course for management and org leadership minor
Required Course
required course for management and org leadership minor
BUAD 317 - Organizational Behavior and Management

(3 credits) 

This course develops the ability to recognize and manage human and behavioral factors in work settings. Topics include: individual differences, group dynamics, motivation, and an introduction to organizational structure and leadership.

Electives (Choose Three)
electives for management and org leadership minor
BUAD 430 - Diversity in the Workplace

(3 credits) 

This course is designed to enhance students’ understanding of current issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and to help them develop their distinctive voice as they cultivate an inclusion-focused professional future. The course utilizes current research, best practices, and lived experiences to demonstrate the inherent benefits of having a diverse workforce and how a diverse collection of skills and experiences equips companies to be globally competitive. Students learn to identify and leverage their unique strengths to help successfully drive diversity and inclusion initiatives in the modern world of work.

BUAD 435 - Teams: Design, Selection, and Development

(3 credits)


This course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills to enable students to improve the performance of most teams. Working in teams has become the norm in most organizations, yet most people have many misconceptions about what makes groups effective. Groups can be exhilarating or maddening. This course will cover work in a variety of teams including: project teams, self-directed teams, research teams, consulting teams, and multinational teams. Topics include: team design, principles of selection, team performance management and rewards, managing transnational teams, and team facilitation.

BUAD 436 - Business and Society

(3 credits) 


This course explores the complex relationship between business and the wider social context in which it operates and the challenges leaders face in balancing their economic, ethical, legal, and citizenship responsibilities to their various stakeholders. In this era of ‘globalization’ corporations may be as large as nations in terms of economic and social impact. Topics Include: corporate social responsibility, and citizenship, ecological and natural resource concerns, business-government relations, technological change, public relations, and corporate governance.

BUAD 437 - Change Management and Organizational Transformation

(3 credits) 

The course will focus on effective process design, change management, and transforming the organization through changes in process, people, and technology. Topics will include stakeholder analysis, goal/strategy alignment, generating buy-in, effectively informing processes, performance measurement and incentives.

BUAD 438 - Leadership

(3 credits) 

This field-based course is designed to develop the ability to work with and through others in order to make effective contributions as a member of an organization. The course emphasizes developing a leadership orientation, understanding critical leadership issues and developing appropriate leadership skills.

BUAD 442 - The Psychology of Decision Making

(3 credits) 

An examination and analysis of the cognitive factors that aid and hinder choosing alternative courses of action. The major emphasis will be on psychological processes underlying choice and judgment. Applications to business decisions and policy making will be considered.

(Cross listed with PSYC 442 - Psychology of Decision Making)

BUAD 482 - Project Management

(3 credits) 

This course will focus on the concepts and tools related to the management of projects within organizations. Students will examine all phases of project management including selection, planning, scheduling, control, and termination. Topics include writing project plans, developing work breakdown structures, project scheduling, resource management, earned value analysis, and project risk management.

BUAD 492 - Special Topics Course (Management & Org Leadership Topics Only)


A course designed for special topics and for special opportunities to utilize the expertise of a faculty member. (e.g. BUAD 492 - ST Skills for Managers)

In addition, six elective credits chosen: BUAD 203 Principles of Accounting, and business courses numbered 300 and above.

Note: Foundation Semester courses (BUAD 311, 323, and 350) require special permission from the Undergraduate Business Program office.