Global Business Minor

The global business minor requires 18 credit hours of coursework. Three credits completed at William & Mary in Principles of Accounting and 15 credits completed abroad during the summer at University College Dublin in Ireland in the summer of 2019. This minor is offered based on faculty availability. If you accept a place in the global business minor, you may not reapply to another business major or minor.

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BUAD 203 - Principles of Accounting

3 credits | Fall & Spring

A study of the use and preparation of financial information and the accounting system as an interpretative tool to communicate information about a variety of economic events to both internal and external users. Topics covered include the preparation and interpretation of financial statements for external users as well as managerial uses of accounting data, cost analysis, budgeting and performance evaluation.

BUAD 310 - Marketing in an International Environment

3 credits | Summer - Dublin

This course covers the fundamental principles and practices of marketing in today's global economy. Students consider the international similarities and differences in marketing functions related to the economic, cultural, political, and technological factors of the environment. Topics will reflect the breadth of marketing activities- from insight generation, through innovation of products and service, and integrated communication - in a designated global region.

BUAD 320 - Finance in an International Environment

3 credits | Summer - Dublin

This course introduces non-business students to corporate financial concepts and decision making in an international context. Students will gain an appreciation of the role of financial markets and institutions in our economy, as well as understand the responsibilities, concerns, and methods of analysis employed by corporate financial managers. Students will learn about the sources of funding for corporations and how managers increase the value of the firm by allocating financial resources. In this course, we will pay particular attention to how global differences in institutions, laws and regulations, and culture impact these financial decisions. Analysis of governance quality, taxation, capital market development, and political risk will focus on a designated global region.

BUAD 411 - Management in an International Environment

3 credits | Summer - Dublin

This course focuses on key management topics in the global context at the organizational and international levels. Students will become familiar with relevant models and frameworks regarding strategy, innovation, leadership, teams, culture, group and individual dynamics, ethics, etc. They will apply their learning to the global context and be able to contrast the challenges of leading and managing an organization in their home country, versus in the global or individual national environments.

BUAD 493 - Special Topic in an International Environment : TBA 

3 credits | Summer - Dublin

BUAD 413 - Global Business Immersion : TBA

3 credits | Summer - Dublin