Marketing Major

In addition to the core curriculum, students majoring in marketing complete 12 credits in the discipline. These credits focus understanding of marketing beyond basic principles to look more critically at advertising strategies, decision theory, marketing in a digital world, and consumer behavior.

Required Course
BUAD 452 - Marketing Research

3 credits | Fall or Spring | Prerequisite: BUAD 311 - Principles of Marketing and an introductory course in statistics; or consent of instructor

Introduction to fundamentals of marketing research. Use of research information in marketing decision making. Topics include research design, interrogative techniques, data collection methods, scaling sampling and alternative methods of data analysis. Students design and execute their own research projects.

Additional Required Courses (Choose Two)
BUAD 446 - Consumer Behavior

3 credits | Fall or Spring | Prerequisite(s): BUAD 311 - Principles of Marketing

The consumer-firm relationship is analyzed through the application of concepts drawn from contemporary behavioral science to concrete business cases and practices. Relevant concepts from the fields of cultural anthropology, sociology and psychology are applied to problems encountered in marketing to various consumer groups.

BUAD 448 - Marketing Strategy

3 credits | Spring | Prerequisite(s): BUAD 311 - Principles of Marketing or consent of the instructor.

Managerial techniques in planning and executing marketing programs. Emphasis on decision making related to marketing segmentation, product innovation and positioning, pricing and promotion. Extensive use of cases, readings and a management simulation.

BUAD 451 - Customer Insights for Innovation

3 credits | Fall or Spring | BUAD 311 - Principles of Marketing or consent of the instructor.

Many business opportunities and decisions depend on an understanding of customers' values, needs, aspirations and behaviors. These unique insights inform the development of products, services, and brands that are valued by customers and differentiated from competition. This course will be an immersive and experiential introduction to customer insights research, including fieldwork using a variety of qualitative research methods. In addition, these methods will be applied within the context of generating concepts for new products and services that address the insights identified.

Electives (Choose One)
BUAD 447 - Customer Experience Management

3 credits | Fall or Spring | Prerequisite(s): BUAD 311 - Principles of Marketing

To be competitive in today's marketplace, service organizations must provide a quality experience for their customers. Customer experience management (CEM) is the process of strategically managing a customer's entire experience with a company. Specifically, this course identifies the key dimensions on which customer perceptions of service excellence are based, and describes strategies for offering superior customer service. Students will gain a better understanding of how customers evaluate service firms; they will also have a "tool kit" of ideas, measures and techniques to help improve service excellence.

BUAD 450 - Global Marketing

3 credits | Fall or Spring | Prerequisite(s): BUAD 311 - Principles of Marketing

This course includes theories of and justifications for free trade, a study of environments across international markets (including the economic environments, the cultural environments, the political/ regulatory environment, and the physical/ geographic environments) and the practice of marketing including global marketing management for large, small and medium sized firms. Topics include globalization, global strategies, international service marketing and marketing in the developing world.

BUAD 453 - Sustainability Inspired Innovation and Design

3 credits | Spring | Prerequisite(s): BUAD 311 - Principles of Marketing

Many companies are embracing sustainability as the inspiration and impetus for the next wave of product and service innovation. In this course, we will explore the reasons behind this growing interest in sustainability, what sustainability means to consumers, and the opportunities it presents to companies that want to "do well while doing good". This course will also emphasize the process and outcome of product and service innovation, from creative idea generation to concept evaluation. Specifically, students will gain significant hands-on experience with the tools and techniques of "Design Thinking" in a studio setting, with a focus on developing innovative ideas that promote the principles of sustainability.

BUAD 456 - Advertising and Digital Marketing

3 credits | Fall or Spring | Prerequisite(s): BUAD 311 - Principles of Marketing

A study of how to use advertising and marketing communications, with special emphasis on digital media, to build and sustain relationships with consumers. Development of an integrated marketing communication campaign will emphasize the presentation of products to consumers through relevant media to include digital channels. Target market identification, situation analysis, promotional strategy and tactics, and evaluation within budgetary constraints will be stressed.

BUAD 492 - ST: Design as Strategy

3 credits | Spring | Prerequisite: BUAD 311 - Principles of Marketing