Student Managed Investment Fund

The Student Managed Investment Fund was founded in the spring semester of 2010.  Initially funded with $100,000, thirteen student analysts covered the ten sectors of the S&P 1500.

Student Managed Investment Fund

The purpose of this course is to provide real-world portfolio management and security analysis experience through the management of the Mason School Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF).

Increased interaction with the investment community through the SMIF will provide enhanced learning opportunities and exposure to recent industry practices. Investment decisions will be made according to both quantitative and qualitative analysis performed by the students. Each student will focus on alternative financial models, industries, and/or sectors of the market.

They will thoroughly research and present their analysis to the SMIF Students & Faculty. Security selection will be based on a diversified portfolio approach seeking to enhance risk-adjusted returns versus the S&P 1500 as its benchmark. The underlying investment theme of the fund will be based on the principles of "Fundamental Analysis".

Faculty and professional mentors will train students in the application of Fundamental Analysis and Security Selection through several lecture/workshop sessions.