Supply Chain Analytics Concentration

Students majoring in another business discipline may add a concentration in Supply Chain Analytics by completing an additional six credits of coursework in the area. Students may choose any two of the following courses to fulfill the concentration.

electives for supply chain concentration
Electives (Choose Two)
electives for supply chain concentration
BUAD 461 - Lean Six Sigma Toolkit

(3 credits)

This course focuses on developing lean processes within a variety of operating environments. Tools and strategies leading to improved process management are included. The course also focuses on Six Sigma approaches to process quality and includes emphasis on tools and procedures for implementing Six Sigma strategies within organizations. 

Note: This course combines the existing BUAD 459 and BUAD 461 courses into a single course. Students who took BUAD 459 under a previous catalog may not take the new 3 credit BUAD 461 version.

BUAD 463 - Supply Chain Analytics (3 credits)

Mathematical optimization techniques and applied solutions for problems in logistics, distribution, facility location, transportation, and supply chain network

BUAD 465 - Supply Chain Management

(3 credits)


Over the last five years, technology, specifically the WEB, has revolutionized the way firms do business with each other. The usual stumbling blocks of poor information availability: incompatible organizational structures and information systems, and the high cost of collaboration are being "blown to bits" by tailored supply chain initiatives and web-centric software. This course will explore these initiatives and tools that firms are using to manage supply chains and B2B integration.

Courses cannot double count for both a major and a concentration.