Get Started

Study AbroadStudying abroad can be a difficult decision for some.  Learning about various options and deciding on a program of study can be stressful and complicated.  We want to make sure all Mason School of Business Undergraduate students know that we are here to help with the process in any way we can.  Studying abroad is a vital part of not only a business student’s learning but also any student’s personal growth and development.  Please contact us with any questions regarding the process outlined below.

Here are the first steps to get you started with Study Abroad
  1. Attend a Study Abroad Workshop
    Study Abroad Workshops are offered by the Reves Center for International Studies. In these sessions you will learn how to best utilize the resources in the study abroad library and how to find the program that's exactly what your looking for. They provide you with a packet of information, including the "Study Abroad Student Handbook" which provides you with a lot of practical information.  There are special sessions for business students considering study abroad.   

  2. Research programs
    First research your study abroad program options.  You can find a wealth of information on-line.  Talk to your friends who have previously studied abroad.  Take our Pre-trip Assessment to help you understand your personal goals and academic objectives in studying abroad. 

  3. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor
    Then meet with an Study Abroad Advisor in the Reves Center who will help you finalize your selection of a program.  Do not forget to ask them about Business Tuition Exchange and Partner Programs.  Then meet with a business academic advisor in the Undergraduate Business Program Office to discuss how your coursework fits in with your IPS.

  4. Apply for a program
    To apply for study abroad, fill out the correct form on the Reves Center website that correlates to your study abroad experience, as well as prepare letters of recommendation and transcripts if necessary.

  5. Register with the Reves Center for International Studies
    You are required to register with the Reves Center. Let them know that you are studying abroad and fill out the correct forms so the appropriate departments know you are still attending the university.

  6. Get credits approved
    If you are traveling on a Business Program or studying business abroad get your credits pre-approved. You can do this in the Undergraduate Business Program Office with a business academic advisor or by filling out this form, saving it as a Microsoft Word document, and emailing to Information about receiving course credit is also available on the Reves Center website.