England - University of Manchester (Exchange)

Study abroad where over twenty Nobel Prize winners once taught or took classes

University of Manchester - Image from http://www.wm.edu/offices/revescenter/studyabroad/documents/exchange_programs/manchester.pdf
Undergraduate Program in Manchester

The William & Mary Exchange Program allows students to study in Manchester England, at the well-known University of Manchester Business School. The University can boast of having over twenty former faculty and students as Nobel Prize winners, and the Manchester Business School is one of the best business and management schools in Europe. The business program provides undergraduates with the opportunity to take classes in accounting and finance, in addition to business and management. Students can also take liberal arts classes through the exchange program.


The University of Manchester is located in the center of the city of Manchester, immersing students in British culture and providing numerous venues for food and entertainment. With its many immigrant communities and hosting students from over 180 different countries, it is also a very international city, which contributes to the study abroad experience. Additionally, students can easily travel to other parts of England and Europe using local public transportation or the nearby Manchester International Airport.

Important Information

Location: Manchester, England

Any student already enrolled in the W&M Mason School of Business with a 2.75 GPA is welcome to apply.

No language requirement is needed.

Students must apply through the Reves Center. The deadline for the Spring Semester Program is October 1st and the deadline for the Fall Semester or Academic Year Programs is March 15th.