Japan - Akita International University (Exchange)

Seishi Park near Akita - Image from http://www.aiu.ac.jp/en/aiu/aiu02.html
Undergraduate Program in Akita

Akita International University is said to be one of Japan's top universities. In addition, it not only has an exchange program with William & Mary but with over one hundred other schools. With over 15% of the student body consisting of international exchange students, studying abroad here is a truly international experience. The university welcomes these students through offering orientation and field trip opportunities. Undergraduates can major in Global Business or Global Studies, and all classes are offered in English.


The university is located in northwest Japan in Akita city. Living here students have a chance to participate in many outdoor activities and experience cultural events such as the Kanto festival. They can also visit well-known destinations like Kakunodate, a historic samurai town, or Mount Chokai, the "Fuji of the north." Having the option to live in an Akita dormitory and to be paired with a Japanese student also provides a unique cultural perspective.  

Important Information

Location: Akita, Japan

Any William & Mary student with a 2.5 GPA or above is welcome to apply.

There is no language requirement.

To participate in the program, students must apply through the Reves Center by October 1st for the Spring Semester and March 15th for the Fall Semester or Academic Year.