Diversity Initiatives

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Mason Alliance

The Mason Alliance was established to provide support for LGBTQ students and their allies with an interest in business, with a broader goal of creating an accepting environment for LGBTQ workers in the business world. The Mason Alliance aims to accomplish this by:

  • Providing LGBTQ undergraduates with a variety of activities including workshops and regular meetings where they establish a network with those who share their professional interests.
  • Facilitating networking opportunities with corporate recruiters to provide LGBTQ undergraduates with a background of these recruiting firms with regards to issues that concern them.
  • Setting up/holding events involving mentoring with LGBTQ Mason Alumni, speakers’ series, and mentoring partnerships between alumni and current members.

The Mason Alliance is proud to announce that two of our William & Mary students were selected to be Campus Ambassadors for the 2012 Out for Undergraduate Business Conference!

For more information about the Mason Alliance, please email Evan Mungo ([[e|ecmungo]]).

Mason Diversity Ambassadors

Mason Diversity Ambassadors promote and support diversity initiatives within the School of Business. Ambassadors initiate programs and establish relationships with internal constituencies such as Mason students, campus organizations, potential students and faculty. Ambassadors also work directly with external constituencies such as alumni networks, executives on Mason Boards and companies who recruit our students. These networking opportunities enable our Ambassadors to better understand the dramatic impact of diversity in the workplace and the potential to transition their interest in diversity from student life at William & Mary into professional life.

The Mason School of Business plans to expand the presence of the Diversity Ambassadors program in the years to come, while continuing to connect students with diverse perspectives to alumni and professionals who can offer them advice and opportunity.

For more information, please contact Jawad Gardezi ([[e|shgardezi]]).

Women in Business

Women in Business is a subset of the Finance Academy and hopes to promote confidence, exploration and drive in female undergraduate students. While the business world today is fully integrated, there is something to be said from the mentoring advice, insight, and discussions that occur in an all-female setting. Women in Business is a chance for female students to meet and mentor one another, from class recommendations to interview and internship preparation.

Additionally, it is a valuable outlet where students can meet alumni that they can connect with on a deeper level. Two events that have helped facilitate this are the Women in Business Panel and Women in Business Breakfast.

For more information about Women in Business and upcoming events, please contact April Kane ([[e|aekane]]).