Consulting Concentration

Students majoring in a business discipline may add a concentration in Consulting by completing an additional six credits of coursework in the area.

Electives (Choose Two)
BUAD 431 - Strategic Analysis and Consulting

3 credits | Fall or Spring | Prerequisite(s): Junior standing. Students may not be concurrently enrolled in BUAD 431 and BUAD 300 - Business Perspectives and Applications.

The course will focus on the process of analysis and consulting. Students will engage with a variety of tools for data collection, information gathering, interviewing, and the evaluation of hard and soft data sources. Students will develop an appreciation for the multiple moving parts in a consulting assignment through a case competition and an engagement for a specific organization.

BUAD 437 - Change Management and Organizational Transformation

3 credits | Fall and Spring | Prereq/ Corequisite(s): BUAD 317 - Organizational Behavior and Management, or consent of the instructor.

The course will focus on effective process design, change management, and transforming the organization through changes in process, people, and technology. Topics will include stakeholder analysis, goal/ strategy alignment, generating buy-in, effectively informating processes, performance measurement and incentives.

BUAD 466 - Developing Business Intelligence

3 credits | Fall or Spring | Prerequisite(s): BUAD 350 - Introduction to Business Analytics; or consent of the instructor.

The course focuses on the collection, representation and analysis of evidence in support of decision making and process involvement. The course will examine hard and soft measures, criteria for evaluation, and performance measurement.

BUAD 482 - Project Management

3 credits | Fall or Spring

This course will focus on the concepts and tools related to the management of projects within organizations. Students will examine all phases of project management including selection, planning, scheduling, control, and termination. Topics include writing project plans, developing work breakdown structures, project scheduling, resource management, earned value analysis, and project risk management.

Courses may not double count for both a major and a concentration.