About Us

Development of the center began in 2009 as part of the newly constructed Alan B. Miller Hall, located on the 2nd floor of Miller Hall, Suite 2018. The Plumeri Communications Center was set up as a resource for students to increase their understanding of communication and to develop their presentation and associated communication skills.  Using the Center’s resources, students gain valuable communication experience before entering their internships or beginning their new careers. Faculty may use this resource as a teaching tool to simulate video conferencing, live and virtual meetings, and technology-mediated presentations.

The Center boasts two simulated conference rooms complete with sophisticated audio-visual equipment, video and audio recording equipment, mock video-conferencing, live observation/control booth, and fully-integrated audio-visual projection technologies.

Its three-fold mission benefits the business community through executive education programming and linkages with academia; the William & Mary Mason School community through graduate and undergraduate credit and not-for-credit courses, seminars, and workshops, as well as, internship and scholarship opportunities; and the external academic community through case development, conferences, working papers, research, and academic scholarship to expand the knowledge of the field.