The Facility

Each room in the Center contains state-of-the-art technology.  Each conference room is outfitted with 32” Flat Panel video displays with integral stereo loudspeakers.  These monitors serve many purposes. Among these is direct observation of students in the other conference room to simulate video conferencing. These monitors are supplemented by two video cameras with control extenders in each conference room to enable images to be captured and controlled of everyone in each room.  Split-screen technology allows students to see the people in the other room and also see the video of people in their own room.  In addition, sessions can be recorded and played back for classes or for individual instruction.  

New course offerings are also possible, such as communication courses in technology-mediated curricula as well as courses where direct observation is crucial to courses such as small group communication or meeting management.    

The center lends itself to:

Executive education programs

Cooperative research projects

Problem-solving opportunities

Student recruitment training sessions

Workshops and seminars on contemporary topics

Communication case development