Why pursue an MSBA at William & Mary?

William & Mary has a reputation of cultivating principled, ethical, innovative leaders since 1693. This institutional foundation and history, along with our passion for developing data scientists with technical caliber and strategic insight, is what attracts applicants to our program.

What are some unique attributes of your program?

Our curriculum is focused. Our faculty is world class.

In 10 months you will cover the hallmark subjects of analytics, including courses in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Learn more about our curriculum.

Our faculty is ranked #2 in the country because they are dedicated researchers, successful business professionals, and care deeply about our students' successes.

What sort of career placement help does William & Mary provide?

The Graduate Career Management Center offers personalized, dedicated career guidance to our job seeking students. Seasoned career counselors work with our students to refine their resumes, hone interview skills in mock interviews, and develop their networks. The school hosts and partake in networking events and job fairs throughout the year including Meet the Firms, Tech Day and Grace Hopper, which provide our students vital connections to Fortune 500 companies and esteemed alumni looking to hire William & Mary graduates.

Do all prerequisites need to be completed prior to applying?

Prerequisites are not required to be completed at the time of application to our program. However, they must be completed prior to the fall program start date. Learn more about what prerequisites we require by visiting our prerequisite fulfillment guide. You can also connect with our team to find out more about transferring undergraduate or graduate credits to fulfill a prerequisite.

What are some ways prerequisites can be completed?

Many of our students complete their prerequisites the summer before matriculation using a variety of flexible and affordable ways. Check out our prerequisite fulfillment guide to learn more about our requirements.

Why are there so many prerequisites?

We believe a certain level of business acumen, mathematics and programming is necessary for students to succeed in our intensive, 10-month program. By fulfilling the prerequisites, you will have the necessary tools and skills to immediately jump into our more advanced curriculum.

How does the application process work?

First, apply by the deadline(s). Then we holistically evaluate each applicant taking into account your undergraduate degree, GPA, quantitative background experience, personal attributes expressed in your resume, and your interview.

How many students are admitted?

Our class size averages approximately 90 students per year.

Are there scholarship opportunities?

Yes. Every applicant is considered for merit-based scholarships. On your application you may also opt to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship, which pays an hourly wage and can offset your educational costs. Graduate Assistantships are limited and available in areas of research or administration.

What is the classroom like?

Each class of approximately 90 students is divided between morning and afternoon cohorts. Within each cohort, students are further divided into diverse learning teams. Your learning team is, in a sense, a mini-classroom, that works together to dive deeper into the academic material.

What is Student Life like?

When you come here you become part of our family, our Tribe. We are ranked #4 on Princeton Review's list of family friendly schools. Our students seamlessly integrate into the greater William & Mary community through a variety of athletic, academic, and personal enrichment opportunities. Each cohort naturally becomes a tight-knit group because they live and learn closely together. The majority of our students live on campus in graduate housing. This coupled with our collaborative, team based cohort model of learning cultivates close, supportive relationships among our students.

Where do your graduates go after graduation?

Our graduates are all over the world, working in analytics and consulting as well as a variety of other dynamic industries. Some of our most recent graduates secured employment at Deloitte, IBM, Accenture and KPMG. If you'd like to learn more about potential careers, connect with our team.

What kind of salary expectations could I expect?

Employers know the value of a William & Mary education and our extensive alumni network enthusiastically supports our new graduates on their journey to land a job. On average, our graduates earn $80,000 annually but can earn as high as six-figures in major markets.