MSBA Academics

The MS in Business Analytics Program consists of full-time enrollment of intensive coursework in business analytics over two semesters, with each semester’s course load totaling 15 credits for a total of 30 credits. In 10 months, students will complete a single plan of study together as a cohort.

The MSBA program has an Advisory Board of national experts who ensure that the subjects taught and opportunities provided in the program are the most relevant and useful in the rapidly growing area of business analytics.  These members regularly meet and consult with faculty and students about course offerings, case studies, speaking opportunities and the capstone program, in which students complete real-world projects for companies.

The MSBA program recognizes the need for experts who can bridge the growing gap between the data that advanced business information systems can generate and firms' abilities to extract knowledge that enhances performance. Former Faculty Director, Jim Bradley says, "We're creating business professionals who have all the essential skills to play important roles within their companies or as consultants. We're filling a need in the marketplace and helping companies become more competitive through analytics."

In 10 months, students will emerge from this program with the requisite analytic skills to work with big data sets such as machine learning and artificial intelligence and to solve complex problems from multiple perspectives. Coursework in analytic methodologies will provide in-depth exposure to more advanced business analytics techniques such as working with big data, heuristic algorithms, data visualization and artificial intelligence. Emphasis is placed on communicating data insights in a comprehensive yet succinct fashion.

The MSBA Program is accredited by AACSB and SACSCOC.