Flex FastStart: Non-Degree Option

Flex FastStart is an option for students who are not quite ready to apply for full admission into the Flex MBA Program. We offer a few of our Flex MBA courses on a non-degree seeking basis. Non-degree seeking students can take up to a total of nine credit hours without gaining full admission into the program as long as there is a capacity in the course. All non-degree applications are assessed according to the same academic guidelines as fully-admitted Flex MBA students.

Tuition for non-degree seeking students is the same as fully admitted Flex MBA students. Please review tuition details. Non-degree graduate-level courses are not eligible for Federal financial aid, but some private loans are available through traditional lending institutions, like banks. Just make sure the lender does not require degree-seeking status.

Enroll as a Non-Degree Seeking Student

Complete a Flex Non-Degree Seeking Application
  • Download the non-degree application
  • Complete personal information
  • List the course(s) you wish to take. Provide course number(s) and course title(s)
  • You do not need to obtain signatures from the faculty or assistant dean. That will be done for you by our staff.

Email the form to [[m|amy.blackburn,Amy Blackburn]], Associate Director of Recruitment.
Note: Applications sent electronically must show an applicant signature at the bottom of the page.

Submit Official or Unofficial Transcript(s)
  • Official or unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities attended are required.
  • Unofficial transcripts should be emailed to [[m|amy.blackburn,Amy Blackburn]].
  • Official transcripts:
    Electronic transcripts are faster and should be sent to [[m|amy.blackburn,Amy Blackburn]].

    Hard copy official transcripts can be sent directly from your academic institution or forwarded in a sealed envelope from you to the following address:

    William & Mary
    Raymond A. Mason School of Business
    Attn: Amy Blackburn
    P.O. Box 8795
    Williamsburg, VA 23187
Email Resume
  • Resume should be emailed to [[m|amy.blackburn,Amy Blackburn]].
Complete Application to Determine Physical Residency/ In-State Tuition
  • To establish residency and pay in-state tuition rates, download the form and submit directly to the Registrar's Office as instructed on the form.
Flex MBA Courses Available to Non-Degree Seeking Students
Non-degree classes requiring no business pre-requisites:

BUAD 5503 - Organizational Behavior

3 credits | Fall & Spring

Designed to provide you with the analytic frameworks and tools to diagnose events in and to take effective action in today's changing organizations. The course draws on knowledge from the domains of Organization Behavior (OB), Organization Theory (OT), and Human Resource Management (HRM) to provide you with the understanding and skills that you need to be an effective manager of people in these changing organizations. OT, OB and HRM are concerned with developing understanding about how human beings act in organized settings and how organized systems affect human behavior through policies, structures and strategies. In addition to conceptual understanding, ongoing assessments and experiential exercises provide you opportunities to reflect on your own behavior in order to develop new and more effective ways of interacting with others to accomplish work.

BUAD 5403 - Marketing

3 credits | Summer & Fall

Examination of marketing from a managerial viewpoint; emphasis on evaluating marketing alternatives and in choosing from these alternatives.

Non-degree classes requiring business or quantitative pre-requisites:

BUAD 5103 - Financial Accounting

3 credits | Fall & Spring

Concepts and principles of financial and administrative accounting essential to the interpretation and analysis of accounting information, including financial reports, bankruptcy analysis, budgeting, control, production and costing, stock options, and board governance.

BUAD 5703 - Quantitative Methods

3 credits | Spring & Summer

Role and application of statistics in the analysis of business problems including estimation, statistical measures, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, simple and multiple linear regression and time series analysis.