Flex MBA Electives

Flex MBA students choose 16.5 hours of electives. Students are required to complete the full 18 hours of foundation core courses before taking electives other than international trips. The Flex MBA Program is designed so that students can complete all their courses, including electives, at our Peninsula Center. However, additional MBA electives are sometimes offered on the Williamsburg campus in the evening, so Flex MBA students can take courses in Williamsburg if they desire.

We cannot guarantee that any particular elective will be repeated, but the following is a list of the elective classes offered recently at the Peninsula Center, to give you a sense of the number and scope of our elective classes. We endeavor to offer a variety of electives in the areas of finance, marketing, economics, operations and international business.

Recently Offered at the Peninsula Center
Real Estate Perspectives Project Management Southeast Asia
(3 Hours)
Managing/Financing Small Business Enterprise Marketing Strategy - Research Singapore/Malaysia
(1.5 Hours)
Corporate Financial Policy Marketing Strategy - Simulation India
(1.5 Hours)
Brand Management Managing Supply Chains Brazil
(1.5 Hours)
Decision Processes Under Uncertainty Business Process Improvement China
(1.5 Hours)
Forecasting for Managers Brand Management
International Economics & Finance Sustainable Business Practices
Contracts/ Corporations/ Bankruptcy Quality Management
* Additional cost