Flex MBA GMAT Waiver Policy and Instructions

GMAT waivers are not guaranteed and are considered on a case-by-case basis. Additional assessment and demonstration of quantitative competencies may be required as part of the waiver evaluation process.

The William & Mary Flex MBA Program has several GMAT Waiver options for professionals with varying backgrounds. All GMAT Waiver options require:

  • five years of professional experience with increasing levels of responsibility
  • demonstrated preparedness for success in the quantitatively-oriented coursework of an MBA program

To assess quantitative preparedness, prospective students must meet the qualification of one of the following quantitative options:

Option A

A graduate degree in a quantitative area

Option B

An undergraduate degree with at least four courses that average a 3.0 GPA in the areas of math, statistics, economics, finance or accounting.  If quantitative coursework is present on transcripts but does not meet the 3.0 GPA average requirement, the William & Mary MBA Math Assessment may be offered as supplemental evidence of quantitative competency.

Option C

For prospective students who meet career requirements but do not have enough (or any) quantitative coursework to have their quantitative competencies assessed (through OPTION B), they must complete MBAMath.com with scores of 90-100% in each individual lesson. MBAMath.com is offered by an outside company and costs $149, payable by the prospective student.

How to request a GMAT Waiver

Please send the following via email and attachments to the Flex MBA Admissions Office at FlexMBAAdmissions@mason.wm.edu:

  1. A current resume
  2. A brief written request stating under which OPTION (A, B, or C) your GMAT Waiver request falls.
    NOTE:  If you are requesting a GMAT Waiver under OPTION C, our admissions team will reach out to you to provide additional information on the MBAMath.com series.
  3. Copies of ALL ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPTS for work completed at all colleges or universities—not only your degree-granting institution. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for the purpose of assessing a GMAT Waiver request, but official transcripts will be required if a prospective student submits an official application for admission to the Flex MBA Program.
Frequently Asked Questions About GMAT/GRE


When should I take the GMAT/GRE?

Take the GMAT or GRE as early as possible in the application process. These tests are offered in a computer-adapted format, which allows the test to be given year-round. You may retake the test, but only once per calendar month. To register for the GMAT or for more information, call 1.800.717.GMAT (1.800.717.4628) or visit mba.com. To register for the GRE or for more information, call 1.866.473.4373 or visit ets.org/gre. Under certain circumstances applicants may request a waiver of the test requirement when applying to the Executive MBA Program. Such waivers are not automatic but may be requested if the applicant meets certain criteria.

How do I inform William & Mary about my test results?

When you take the test, mark on the test sheet that you want your official scores sent to the William & Mary Flex Evening MBA Program at William & Mary (GMAT Code is 9DD-X7-22, GRE Code is 7403). Unofficial test scores that you receive after completing the test may be emailed to flexmbaadmissions@mason.wm.edu. However, the school does require the official score to complete the application process.

How should I prepare for the GMAT/GRE?

Preparatory courses are offered throughout Virginia and surrounding states. The Center for Corporate Education William & Mary offers a "GMAT Prep Course" twice a year. Call 757.221.2291 for more information. In addition, Kaplan offers GMAT and GRE preparation courses. Visit kaplan.com for more information.

There are many study aids available to you from public libraries and bookstores including practice tests. Visit mba.com and ets.org/gre for more information. Other preparation materials that focus on Accounting, Finance, Quantitative Analysis and Statistics will help you prepare for the test and also for your first semester in the Executive MBA Program.

If you have additional questions, please contact Amy Blackburn at (757) 221-2912 or amy.blackburn@mason.wm.edu.