W&M Full-Time MBA

We are One TRIBE, One family

When you choose our program, you join a group of highly-accomplished intellectually curious professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. The shared goal is to develop the knowledge base and skill sets required to not just succeed in business, but to excel as a leader in your chosen profession.

"From day one of the program you are welcomed into this group of peers and mentors who want nothing more than to see you succeed." - Rachel Verbout MBA '12: Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis; Louis Vuitton

number one in learning
number nine in networking
number seventeen in entrepreneurship
number thirty overall

Why Full-Time MBA?

Associate Dean of MBA Programs & Executive Programs, Ken White

World-Class Faculty
Exclusive Network of Executive Partners

William & Mary's full-time MBA is a cohort-based program. You will progress in lock-step with a small group of students who you will establish life long connections with. Working in teams, you will learn the art of collaboration and develop collective problem-solving skills that will prove invaluable when you enter the business world.

Over the course of our immersive 22-month residential program, students cultivate close relationships with their peers, our world-class faculty and their assigned mentors in our exclusive Executive Partners program, that extends well beyond graduation day.

We understand that your journey to earning your MBA is unique to you.