The Principled Professional

The research is compelling: A Financial Times' 2018 survey reports top employers rank "soft skills," like the ability to work with a wide variety of people or the ability to manage time and prioritize, as the most important skills for MBA graduates to have. Yet, candidates with these skills are often difficult to find.

The Principled Professional prepares you to meet this demand by blending an interactive classroom environment with distinctive experiential learning opportunities, giving you the necessary tools to be successful in the business world.

More than just an innovative curriculum, the Principled Professional course sets itself apart from other business school programs by providing first-year MBA students with a personal leadership coach through our exclusive Executive Partners (EP) program. This invaluable one-on-one experience partners each student with one of our experienced EPs who will challenge and guide development of these soft skills to expand your professional potential.

This program is designed to enhance your effectiveness by promoting your professional development and supporting your absorption of key skills. Your EP coach will partner with you in this effort focusing on the following domains of professional practice:

The Self-Aware Professional

Who shows up when you walk into the room?

  • What do you bring to the table?
  • What are your core strengths & how can you best communicate them?
  • How do you show up?
You will work along with your coach to clarify your strengths and your values so you develop expertise that enables you to do your best work and strengthen your ability to "story-tell you."
The Principled Professional

How do you have conversations that matter?

  • Do you understand how well-intentioned people end up in ethical lapses?
  • How comfortable and skilled are you at making your voice appropriately heard?
  • How skilled are you at making space for other voices?
You and your EP will work together to increase your comfort and skill in making your voice heard for the good of the team and organization. This includes both being able to assert yourself, as well as to read others, and then make adjustments so everyone can do their best work.
The Global Professional

As our world is increasingly global and complex, how do you navigate in a principled manner across diverse, overlapping contexts?

  • How do you create coordinated action across complex borders?
  • How do you create an integrated principled purpose?
As a member of several overlapping communities here at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business, you will work with your EP, learning team and larger class cohort to recognize and develop practices to facilitate coordinated action.