Amy Domiano '17

Consultant at Deloitte LLC

Amy Domiano discusses the importance of alumni networks, and how the Career Services team helped her successfully convert an internship at Deloitte Consulting LLC into a post-grad career.

Student Life

What was your favorite classroom experience?

I was lucky enough to be one of 17 accepted students chosen to manage the Frank Batten Investment Fund. This class started in 1999 after a $500 endowment was donated by Mr. Frank Batten. The class of 2017 began with a value of $825 thousand and was able to grow the fund to over $1 million in one year! I loved this class experience because it was as real world as it gets. We were expected to research financial metrics, company changes, and overall strategy in order to find a stock worth investing in. We were also responsible for developing a pitch to present to fellow analysts, portfolio managers, and executive partners. The friendly peer pressure of the class held every student accountable for their research and presentation which created a competitive environment, perfect for growth! This class changed my entire perspective on what I want out of a career, and I hope to do equity research and investment management in the future!

How did your classmates influence your MBA experience?

Immensely! The MBA program is very unique because most of the time you are going to be with the same students, all of the time, for the 2 years. It can get overwhelming for sure! I think it is a great lesson in learning how to manage professional relationships and friendships in the same environment. It is certainly a unique environment because not only are you making friends that will last a lifetime, but also you are developing business ideas and having discussions with people who might be business partners one day. It is a great lesson in personal and professional development.

What were some activities that you were involved with outside of class?

I held a student government position as the External Vice President of the MBA Association at William and Mary. This allowed me to help in the management of student clubs and activities, but more importantly, it allowed me to work with other graduate programs at William and Mary and the Undergraduate Student Government Assembly. I loved this because it is very easy to get wrapped up in the MBA program and I believe that a break is important as you go through such a life changing experience. My External VP Position allowed for me to take that break to work on programs and discuss problems outside of the MBA program while also diversifying and growing my network!


Did you do an internship during your MBA? How did that experience influence your education and career?

Yes, I interned with Deloitte Consulting LLC in Washington D.C. I loved the work that I was doing during that summer with Deloitte and I also loved how the firm and the people made me feel. At the end of the summer I was offered a full time position with the firm and I had to say yes! I knew that I wanted to continue that experience.

What resources did your school offer you through the career search?

Every Graduate Business student is assigned a career counselor and this person becomes your foundation as you work through your career search. William & Mary has an amazing database of past alumni that they have already worked with who are willing to talk to current students about their field and hold informational interviews. My program also had close knit relationships with employers (Deloitte was one of them) and this allowed me to develop connections with members of the firm before the recruitment process started. If it was not for the Career Services team I don’t know if I would be working for Deloitte!

Advice for Future Applicants

What is one thing you wish someone had told you before you started the MBA application process?

Every single program is different! Do not assume that every program is exactly the same. Make sure you take time to get to know as many people as possible who have experienced the program(s) you are looking at. You will be surprised at how helpful it will be in order for you to get a sense of the culture of the MBA program. I was lucky enough to meet a variety of current MBA students and staff before deciding to pursue an MBA at William & Mary.