Executive Partners

You're working and leading in the real world. And, the Mason School goes far beyond the classroom to support you in the working world. We do something unique in higher business education. We call in the experts – our Executive Partners network.

Imagine having a group of more than 100 senior business executives from more than 20 different industries supporting you. Active, semi-retired or retired, these are leaders who have been there, and done what you are doing or may be planning to do. And, our Executive Partners are like no others.

They are part of our community—they live here. They're always available to work with you and provide guidance whenever you seek it out. Our Executive Partner directory contains short biographies to help you decide whom you'd most like to meet. After selecting an Executive Partner who meets your personal and professional needs, ask him or her to join you for lunch on a Friday or Saturday or after class for a drink. They are aware of your schedule and will make themselves available at your convenience when you are on campus or at another time that better suits your needs. They can discuss whatever you would find most useful, from career paths to international careers to work/family balance. It's up to you how and when you use their expertise.

Executive Partners are only available at the Mason School of Business. They can be an important and easily available resource for you during your time at William & Mary.