Executive MBA Global Immersions

Because our faculty believe that you cannot be a truly effective executive or entrepreneur without a thorough grounding in international business, a global perspective is interwoven throughout the Executive MBA curriculum and is culminated through two distinct international experiences. Both international residencies have been created specifically to immerse you, your classmates, and your faculty into the international issues that permeate all areas of business—which include a strong dose of culture, economic, governmental, and geographic content. These required residencies are a hallmark of William & Mary’s Program and provides double the global content as most executive MBA programs. These residencies are required because our faculty know that your future success depends on a deep understanding of the world around you and just how it impacts you, your business, and your life.

Residency 1: Focus on China

The first international immersion kicks-off in Hong Kong where time is spent meeting with business executives and governmental officials.  You also enjoy cultural experiences such as Victoria’s Peak and the night market on Kowloon.Next up is Shenzhen, located in Guangdong Province just North of Hong Kong—a special economic zone that has transformed the former provincial province into a modern city with a vibrant economy made possible by significant foreign investment. And the final destination is Shanghai, where students student on the campus of Fudan University, gaining a Chinese-centric perspective from faculty at this internationally renowned institution.  

Residency 2: Real-Time Issues: Latin America or Europe

For the second residency, the faculty choose a location in Latin America or Europe that affords the biggest opportunity for learning at the time. This global immersion is part of the Global Business course in the final semester that focuses on international finance, trade, economic, and human resources, and political issues with specific assignments related to the location of the second global residency. Students visit executives from a variety of local and multi-national businesses, as well as government and not-for-profit organizations. All global residencies include a service component where students and faculty participate in a project directly connected to an underserved portion of the local community. These service projects provide some of the most meaningful and memorable moments of everyone involved. Program tuition/fees covers double-occupancy hotel accommodations (single occupancy available for additional fee), excursions, and group meals for each residency. Tuition/fees does not include airfare for international residencies.