Executive MBA Domestic Residency

Residency periods enhance teamwork and provide interaction between students and faculty. These periods are also critical to the accelerated 19-month format. Students stay in a Colonial Williamsburg hotel near campus and attend four classes a day on most days. Evenings include completing assignments, meeting with study teams, special events and socializing.

1st Residency Period
2nd Residency Period

At the very beginning of the Executive MBA Program, new students convene in Williamsburg. Members of the class begin working with their teams immediately by participating in team-building exercises, including a ropes course. These activities help develop the bonds that will be a critical asset as they move forward in the program.

The second residency week is held at the beginning of the fourth semester, at the same time a new class is starting. In addition, the senior class members focus their attention on business policy and strategy, managing change in organizations and other relevant topics. They are also given the rewarding opportunity to mentor the incoming class.