Executive MBA Requirements and Deadlines

Our priority is to set-up our working professional students for success - during the application process, inside the classroom, and well beyond graduation throughout your dynamic and prosperous career.

As an applicant, the admissions committee will consider all of the elements of your application that indicate your potential success as a student:

  • Future managerial and leadership potential, which is assessed through your personal statements, professional experiences, and letters of recommendation.
  • Indications that you can thrive in our rigorous academic environment demonstrated by your educational transcripts.
  • Communication skills
  • Community engagement/ leadership
Why we don't require GMAT or GRE scores

GMAT or GRE scores are always accepted and will be considered by the admissions committee in the decision-making process if received. However, in William & Mary's Executive MBA program, we believe that standardized test scores are not the only predictors of success - and certainly not for our executive-level students who have multi-dimensional applications that point to many success indicators. So, we do not require a GMAT or GRE score in order to apply.

Required Prerequisite

Data indicates that completing an MBA-specific prerequisite will prepare you for the quantitative coursework that is an integral part of the MBA curriculum. Therefore, all admitted students are required to complete an online prerequisite course on MBAMath.com.

The MBAMath.com course covers the functional areas of accounting, economics, finance, statistics, and spreadsheets. You must achieve 100% competency in all five functional areas by working through the learning modules and taking the assessments. Once you have reached 100% in all five areas, an official transcript can be sent through the MBAMath.com portal to the admissions office, which will fulfill the prerequisite requirement. The MBAMath.com course must be completed no later than December 15th, before the Program officially beings in January. MBAMath.com is offered by an outside company and costs $149.00, payable by the admitted student.

  • Minimum of seven years of professional experience preferred, with increasing levels of responsibility across your career.
  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Official transcripts from all higher educational institutions attended.
  • Online application
  • Personal interview
Application Process
  1. Complete Executive MBA application online.
    Application components include:
    • Profile information
    • 2 essays
    • Contact Information for two professional recommendations
    • Current resume
    • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate work that you have completed. Electronic transcripts are faster and should be sent to ExecMBAAdmissions@mason.wm.edu. Hard copy official transcripts can be sent directly from your academic institution or forwarded in a sealed envelope from you to the following address:

      William & Mary
      EMBA Admissions - Macie Osborn
      Raymond A. Mason School of Business
      P.O. Box 8795
      Williamsburg, VA 23187
  2. Attend an Executive MBA Experience Day.
  3. Complete an admissions interview. Admissions interviews are by invitation only. You will be contacted by the Executive MBA Admissions Office to schedule an interview if you are selected by the Admissions Committee.
Application Deadlines

Round One Deadline - June 1st
  • $100 application fee waived.
  • Eligible to apply for the Executive MBA Charter Scholarship.
  • A special invitation to an exclusive "Lunch with the Dean" for all Round 1 applicants who are admitted into the program.
Round Two Deadline - September 15th
  • $100 application fee waived.
Round Three Deadline - December 1st
  • The latest we recommend you apply for January 2020.
Contact Jana Allen-Bishop - Chief Recruiter to schedule an admit consult at 757-221-2356 or [[m|jana.allen]].