MAcc Core Curriculum


Offered as a full-time two-semester program with additional summer boot camp for non-accounting majors, the Mason School's MAcc is your next step to a career in the accounting industry. Designed to meet the diverse needs of our students, you'll have the flexibility to choose an academic plan that best aligns with your unique interests and professional goals.

Fall Semester
Full Semester
BUAD 6199 - Advanced Auditing & Audit Research

3 Credits

Expands and integrates knowledge of US and international generally accepted auditing principles (GAAS) in a rigorous study of financial reporting issues with significant balance sheet implications. Topics include advanced treatments of analytical procedures, audit planning, risk assessment, internal controls, audit evidence, audit documentation, and auditing fair. Incorporates related academic research, research into auditing standards, and contemporary auditing issues.

BUAD 6269 - Advanced Federal Taxation

Spring | 3 credits

To provide the accountant and the manager with the ability to recognize tax factors that influence business decisions and to integrate them into the business decision-making process. This will include the development of a tax foundation, the ability to read and apply the Code and Regulations, the ability to conduct tax research using both online and offline tax research data bases, the ability to engage in effective tax planning, and the ability to present the identified tax consequences in both oral and written presentations. Ethical influences will be identified and discussed as related to taxation and the related business decision.

First Half
BUAD 6951 - DC Financial Markets Trek

1 credit
Second Half
BUAD 5029 - Accounting for Complex Financial Transactions

3 Credits

Expands and integrates knowledge of US and international generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in a rigorous study of financial reporting issues with significant income statement and balance sheet implications. Builds on the Financial Markets Module to develop an in-depth understanding of complex financial transactions. Incorporates related academic literature and research into financial reporting standards.

BUAD 5079 - Financial Instruments & Derivatives

2 Credits

Expands the accounting professional’s understanding of the most important financial instruments and derivatives. Examines their economic functions, contractual features, market mechanics, valuation, and specific uses in investment and corporate financial practices such as risk management. Special attention is given to debt securities and the sensitization process, as well as commonly used derivative instruments.

BUAD 5069 - Business Skills for Professional Accountants

2 Credits

Enhances several key abilities necessary to function in a professional accounting environment. Topics include: clearly communicating technical knowledge, exercising professional judgment, protecting and upholding professional integrity, how to develop and maintain professional relationships, how to generate and provide useful data to help inform business decisions, and the responsibility to help boards fulfill fiduciary duties and in maintaining safe and productive financial markets. Particular focus is on oral and written communication, data analysis, and project leadership.

BUAD 5049 - Valuation & Fair Value Accounting

3 Credits

Reviews theories of equity valuation and applies these theories by building valuation models using financial statements.

Optional Elective: BUAD 6951 - DC Financial Markets Trek. Note: Students pursing the PhD Preparation Program take the following courses in place of either BUAD 6199 or BUAD 6269. 

BUAD 6329 - Introduction to Academic Research in Accounting

1 Credit

Students will develop a framework for understanding scholarly research in accounting and will gain exposure to classic and current accounting research studies.

BUAD 6339 - Data and Analysis in Accounting Research

1 Credit

Students will develop fundamental empirical skills, such as the use of databases and regression analysis. Applications will include the replication of a published accounting research study.

BUAD 6349 - Design of Accounting Research Studies

1 Credit

Students will learn to apply the scientific method to accounting research questions by studying research designs used in scholarly accounting research and their effectiveness for causal inference. Applications will include addressing a research question using alternative designs.

Spring Semester
BUAD 5039 - Current Issues in IT & Accounting Analytics (Sprint) | Required

1 Credit

Develops an understanding of current issues in information technology and accounting analytics, such as the design and security of large accounting databases. This intensive, hands-on course emphasizes the use of analytical and statistical tools in the context of current issues affecting the accounting profession. Students will conduct analyses, interpret findings, and use data visualization tools to communicate the results of their analyses.


Spring Electives

Spring students begin their MAcc journey with BUAD 5039 and 12 credits of electives.