Marcus Badger '16

Audit Associate at Deloitte

The W&M MAcc: Challenging, experiential, and fun

Advice to Prospective Students

"Consider the MAcc program if you're looking for the perfect bridge to help transition from school to the real world. The program teaches you valuable skills that you normally do not learn in undergrad and helps mature you into a better prospective employee."

Envisioning A Future With The Big Four

Marcus Badger '16, from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, already knew about William & Mary's reputation as a world-class institution of excellence when he went in search of a business school to further his education. For him, the rigorous academics and top-ranked faculty were important factors, but ultimately it was the Mason School's ability to connect graduates to real career opportunities that led to his decision to enroll.

"I was told about the great opportunity to be heavily recruited by the Big Four accounting firms and other top employers," Badger said. "I chose William & Mary because I felt it would provide me with the best networking and career opportunities."

He was right.

Those networking opportunities began before he had even attended his first class. "I spoke with over twenty firms during the recruitment process," Badger explained. "I was able to learn about the various career paths of an accountant, so it was reassuring to know that I would have a lot of options if I chose William & Mary."

When his professor at Randolph-Macon College, who was also a William & Mary graduate, suggested he take a look at the Mason School's MAcc program, Badger was already sold.

Real World Immersion

His undergrad work at Randolph-Macon provided the general business and economics knowledge needed to gain a solid foundation in the field while the Mason School's real-world learning experiences provided the jumpstart needed to land a job with a top firm.

With the help of Mason's faculty and staff, he received an internship with Deloitte in Mclean, Virginia. Offered as part of the MAcc program's Winter Field Experience, it was a unique opportunity to get hands-on skills in the field and network with top professionals. "I was able to gain real life, valuable experience as an auditor working in the busy season," he said.

A few months later, Deloitte offered him a job.

Along with the school's immersion opportunities, Badger also credits his success to Mason's distinctive academic programs. The rigorous accounting curriculum gave him the necessary background in US and international generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), while electives such as his Communications and Professional Development class helped him develop valuable writing, presentation, and interview aptitude. “The program teaches you a variety of valuable skills that you normally do not learn as an undergrad," he said. "The MAcc program helps mature you into a marketable employee.”

"The program absolutely helped me achieve my goal of obtaining a job with the Big Four and expanding my network," he said.

Relationships That Extend Beyond The Classroom

Badger was able to expand his network with the help of the Mason School's Executive Partners program which connects students to hundreds of senior business executives. These retired and semi-retired successful business professionals work with students, providing them with any-time access to their expertise, and helping to carve out a plan for success. "It was so helpful to learn about their experiences and the path it took for them to be successful," he said.

"My experience at W&M has helped me meet some amazing people," he said. "I was able to interact with many bright and talented MBA students, partners, CEOs, and CFOs who were all looking out for each other."

"With their help," he continued, "the MAcc program was the perfect bridge that enabled me to transition from school to the real world."