For Accounting Majors

Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Go beyond merely meeting the requirements for CPA licensure. Well-respected and top-ranked William & Mary will give you the tools to lead and succeed in the accounting field.

Our students do not just study accounting - they experience it through interactive and hands-on learning opportunities designed to help them outshine the competition. You will take a deep dive into the latest industry regulations, immerse yourself into today's hot-topic issues, and emerge a leading-edge professional ready to impress employers on your first day on the job.

And - while on the path to CPA licensure, you'll have the flexibility to study a high-demand specialization that will arm you with the knowledge, skills, and professional connections necessary to build a rewarding and prosperous career.

Accounting Is Big Data

Expand your reach into the future of the accounting profession with Accounting Analytics.

Through our first-of-its-kind Sprint Week, students will experience the fast growing field of Big Data from the driver's seat. Working with top industry professional, you'll develop indispensable on-the-job insight as you take on real-world challenges. You'll emerge as a sought-after leader who understands the crucial connection between analytics and the accounting field.