Michelle  Bertolini

Clinical Assistant Professor

Area: Accounting
Phone: (757) 221-1887
Email: [[m|michelle.bertolini]]
Office: Miller Hall 3010
CV: {{http://mason.wm.edu/faculty/documents/bertolini_2016f_cv.pdf, PDF}}


Michelle Bertolini has been teaching in the areas of accounting and taxation for over a decade. She has practiced in the area of taxation as both an attorney, and CPA for over 30 years. She owns a consulting firm specializing in insurance company and real estate taxation.

Michelle holds an LL.M. in International Transactions and Taxation, earned her J.D. at Stetson University and a B.A.A. in Accounting from Oglethorpe University. 

In addition, she has published numerous articles dealing with taxation, taxpayer behavior and economics of education.  

Selected Publications

Almer, E., Bertolini, M. and Higgs, J.  (2013) A Model of Individual Accounting Salaries.  Issues in Accounting Education.  28(3), 411-433

Bertolini, M., and Weaver, P. (2013) Mandatory Arbitration within Tax Treaties:  A Need for a Coherent International Standard.  Journal of Legal Tax Research, December 2013.       

Bertolini, M., Hooks, K. and Higgs, J. (2011).  Multi-Dimensional Locus of Control Applied to the Taxpayer/Tax Professional Relationship.  Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research.  August 2011

Bertolini, M., Borgia, C., and Seigel, P. (2010).  The Social Skill Preferences of Tax  Professional in CPA Firms: A FIRO-B Analysis.  Journal of Applied Business Research. 26(2), 105-114.
Areas of Interest/Expertise
  • Taxation of International Transactions
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Legal Tax Research
  • Behavioral Tax Research