Revolutionaries in Action

At Mason, our students seek to make a impression and positive impact in the lives around them. The Raymond A. Mason School of Business is more than a part of Williamsburg, we are involved with Williamsburg. All of our volunteers and outreach efforts support the local community, both in the immediate Williamsburg area and the greater Tidewater region of Virginia.

Through unique partnerships with different local organizations and charities in the greater Williamsburg area, our students are integral members of the community. We strive to build lasting relationships with national organizations that benefit many outside of the local area, like Bon Secours and the Red Cross. Closer to home, students at the Mason School of Business are closely involved with Avalon Shelter and Mikey's Camp. Avalon provides protection and support to those experiencing domestic violence and assault in the greater Williamsburg area. Our students volunteer their time to teach business skills classes that empower women and provide them with the tools to pursue their professional ambitions. During their weekend at Mikey's Camp, our first and second year classes spend time with children who have lost a loved one and build lasting relationships with these children.

Throughout the academic year, we plan and coordinate numerous fundraisers for these organization and many others in the local community. More than asking to see a change in the world, Mason students are actively pursuing change to build and enhance the community around them.