Executive Partners

You're going to work and lead in the real world. And the Mason School goes far beyond the classroom to support your transition to the working world. We do something unique in higher business education. We call in the experts – our Executive Partners network.

Imagine having a group of more than 100 senior business executives from more than 20 different industries supporting you. Active, semi-retired or retired, these are leaders who have been there, and done what you plan on doing. Our Executive Partners are part of our community—they live here. They're always available to work with you and provide guidance whenever you seek it out. They're local.

Our Executive Partners know what's under the hood of business – the nitty gritty – the nuts and bolts. They speak from deep experience. You'll find them sharing their expertise in the classroom and with student clubs, serving on career panels, helping you with mock interviews, taking you on field trips to major corporations, and helping you hone that all-important two-minute elevator pitch.

A personal touch

Look anywhere in the William & Mary MBA program and you'll find our Executive Partners working in formal settings as well as behind the scenes. One of your first contacts when you arrive on campus will be with your Executive Partner coach in our Leadership Development Experience.

That's right. Your own coach.

Your coach will work with you throughout your first-year MBA experience. That relationship often continues into the second year and often well beyond it. Your Executive Partner coach will offer practical critiques of your leadership style; function as a sounding board for your bold, new ideas; and help you develop the leadership and personal skills that will get you hired and help you grow throughout your career.

Beyond your Executive Partner coach is a cadre of EPs available to serve you. Their insight is invaluable. EPs bring real-world perspective, advice, friendship, and a helping hand. And they're here – in Miller Hall – a state-of-the-art facility that has the space, accommodations and technology to help them help you like no other school can.

A view to your career

Our Executive Partners have hired thousands of people – and they are attuned to what companies are looking for. They'll be frank about what skills you'll need as a new hire – and what you'll need down the line when you're ready to assume your own leadership role.

They also serve as expert advisors during the second-year Field Consultancy projects and are a powerful first link in William & Mary's ever-growing business network.

Make use of what our Executive Partners offer and you'll break out from the pack – get noticed – get hired – go on to lead.

That's the W&M Advantage.