Download a graphical version of the Real Estate PoD Curriculum

The Real Estate PoD curriculum will prepare students for careers in investment management, banking, or private equity due to the strong emphasis on fundamental and financial analysis.

First Year

Real Estate Program of Distinction (PoD) students are emerged in real estate right away. Based on an idea by Benjamin Franklin, we offer a Real Estate “Junto” (1-credit) where students pursue an extremely specific real estate topic on a semi self-directed basis.

Before participating in the Summer Internship Program (or going back to work for their sponsored organization), students will take a 2-credit hour real estate investments class. Students entering our Real Estate Program of Distinction (Pod) have experience in some area of real estate. However, because the field is so vast, we anticipate a disparity in relative knowledge among each student's area for experience. As such, we plan to use the 2-credit class to teach core, fundamental concepts of real estate and ensure everyone is on a level playing field before they enter their summer internships.

Second Year

The Real Estate Finance CAM will provide students with an essential understanding of the key forces underlying various real estate related financial investments from funding unsecuritized local commercial projects to structuring real estate-based financial derivatives traded on Wall Street.

Because the real estate landscape is ever evolving, we will build upon a rigorous foundation of fundamental relationships by meeting with various industry professionals who work in commercial real estate every day. Guest speakers will visit our class from the local area as well as nationally. We will also take class trips to visit firms where they do business. In the past, the CAM has culminated with a class trip to New York City where we meet leading developers, hedge fund managers, institutional money managers, and other experts in the field. In addition to knowledge, the importance of making contacts in the field cannot be overstated.

In their final semester, students take three elective courses to include Real Estate Development, Real Estate Transactions Law, and Real Estate Valuation. All three electives are taught by different faculty members each being an active leader in his/her specific discipline.